Step by Step Process for the Engineering Internship &Technical Training Program

VARDHAN CONSULTING ENGINEERS (VCE), is a premium organization started and run by a group of Engineers for providing genuine engineering and design consultancy for power projects, construction projects and business development of new startup firms. Our firm is founded and operated by highly experienced engineers from all fields and discipline. This year VCE started a new program of Engineering Internship & Technical Training Program for the young core sector engineering  students, who want to have hands on industrial / corporate experience and understanding the standards and need.

Who can apply?

  • Any Indian engineering / management student (B.E. / B.Tech / B.Arch / M.E. / M.Tech / BBA / MBA ) in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Energy and Management branches and having keen interest to work in their core sector are eligible to apply.

What is the duration and the location?

  • The duration is 8 weeks from the date of start and its Online Training, can be done from anywhere.

What is the Fee for the program.

  • The total fee for the technical training is Rs. 6,000.00 (Rupees Six Thousand Only) all inclusive. But for the internship candidates its FREE.

What will the student get or learn after this training

  • Techno-Commercial Analysis
  • Subject Knowledge Expertise
  • Technical and Descriptive Writing Skills
  • Industrial Elementary Research
  • Understanding Corporate / Industrial Needs
  • Hands on experience with real suppliers and manufactures
  • Project can be used as Minor Project
  • Understanding Business Model / Process
  • Knowledge enhancement of specific sector
  • Certificate and Letter of Recommendation
How to Start ?
  • Please go the Step-1, read and follow the instructions carefully. OR Whats App us +91 979 111 2715

Registration and Enrollment Process.

  • Please watch this video and understand the Core Engineering Sector (Video)
  • Select ONE project from the list (List of Projects)
  • If you face difficulty in choosing a project then read this document (Project Basics)
    • Whatever project you choose, you can change anytime within 2 weeks of training start.
    • Read this document and understand your project type and industry. (Project Type)
    • All project is equally important and fully based on industrial needs and practices.
    • You are NOT required to do a deep theoretical research here on your project topic.
    • You only need to do Technical-Commercial-Industrial analysis with reporting and documentation.
  • Read this document and understand the Instructions, Terms and Conditions (Instructions)
  • Pay Fee (If Applicable) otherwise DON’T PAY
  • Fill the form and SUBMIT (Registration Form)
  • Within 48 Hours you will get the offer letter / acceptance letter /confirmation letter
  • Accept the offer letter and NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) on a reply mail.
  • For any query related to HR and Admin, please send us a mail on [email protected]

Online Training Portal

  • Go to->  (Online Training Portal)
  • If the website did’t open then, clear cookies from your browser and TRY AGAIN.
  • Go to Login Page, and click on ” Lost Your Password? “, then use your email id and reset your password.
  • Login again with your email id and password. Go your dashboard.
  • Click on the Technical Training Program course you are enrolled. Then go ahead and see the Modules and Lessons.
  • All lessons are connected, once you mark complete on lesson then you can go to other lesson.
  • Check the other pages on the Online Training Portal

Module-1 : “The Knowhow”

(Watch Videos, Read Text Books, Learn through NPTEL Courses, related to your topic)

  • Study and Product Based Projects: Read, Learn and Understand the basic theory and working principle of the “product”
  • Design Based Projects: Fragment the project title, then Read, Learn and Understand the basic theory of each part.
  • Software Based Projects: Read and Learn the details of the Software from their developers. Features and Applications.
  • Process Based Project: Framework of the process, break process in steps, then Read, Learn and Understand the basic theory of each part.

Smart Task 01

  • An industry based questionnaire, to figure out your understanding and knowledge on a give topic.
  • For Example: If you are saying this in a technical interview that, “Sir I have a basic/detailed knowledge of this topic”, then what the industry expects you to know as basic/detailed knowledge on that topic is covered in smart task.
  • Most of the time even the basic knowledge as per the industry and the basic knowledge as the candidate are entirely different tracks.
  • This smart task will have the questions, related to your project, which an industry expert should expect or ask as the basic knowledge.
  • The difficulty level of the task will be EASY and you need to submit it in 10 days. (In the format prescribed in Smart Task)
  • You will get your smart task 01 in 5-7 th day of your training.

Module-2 : “The Market”

(Make a list, study, analyses, learn and understand, who are doing this project and for whom at what price and conditions)

  • Identification of Stakeholder related to your project
  • Product Based Projects: Manufacturers, Suppliers, Retailers, Installers and Maintenance, End Users, Brand Comparison, Pricing, Testing and Certification
  • Design Based Projects: Designing Companies, Consultants, and their clients, pricing and Terms and Conditions. who
  • Software Based Projects: Institutions who provide training on this software, certification levels, pricing, industries of direct applications, drawing fee and charges.
  • Process Based Project: Conditions and Requirements to setup and run a project. List of States as per the availability of the these conditions and requirements. List of special industrial zones currently operating in India. Analyze the facilities available for setting up and running up industries in various parts of India.

Smart Task 02

  • An investor/client/end user based questionnaire, to figure out your understanding and knowledge you received in Module-1 and Module-2 combined.
  • For Example: If you are saying this in a final HR interview that, “Sir I know the market situation about this topic”, then what the investor/client/end user expects you to know as market situation on that topic is covered in smart task 02.
  • Most of the time the investor/client/end user was bombarded by many self pro-claiming market experts, that make them highly confused. Hence, you need to explain/clarify them correctly about what they are exactly looking for .
  • This smart task will have the questions, related to your project, which an investor/client/end user should expect or ask as the Market Situation.
  • The difficulty level of the task will be EASY and you need to submit it in 10 days. (In the format prescribed in Smart Task)
  • You will get your smart task 02 in 17-20th day of your training.

Module-3 and Smart Task 03

  • You will be allowed to work on this module only if you finish Smart Task 01 and Smart Task 02.
  • By the time you finish Module 1, 2 and Smart Task 01, 02 you will have a fair picture of technical and market information of your project.
  • Questions like:- What’s going on? Who are involve? How they are doing it? How they are making money? Role of Government? etc. etc.
  • In this module we will provide you a situation with a problem statement related to your project. Which you want to solve it by designing, creating, drafting, drawing or studying. Each project will get a different problem statement.
  • Smart Task 03 is the situation/problem statement mentioned in the above point. Hence in this module, the smart task will be provided from the beginning.


Module-4 and Draft Report v0.0

  • Students need to compile the data and information collected in Module 1, 2,3 and Smart Task.
  • We will provide you the report format, with learning tools. Which you need to follow and create the draft report version 0.0
  • Once you submit us the draft, we will examine it and send you back for correction.
  • Once all is done, then you can proceed for the final submission.

Final Submission and Certification

  • Once you finished step-9, we will inform you about your successful completion of the course.
  • Once you get the successful completion letter, then we will provide you our feedback/suggestions/rooms for improvement about you.
  • You need to understand our suggestions and accept to work on it and improve yourself.
  • We will provide you a coupon, using that you can get a discount/free for our GATE/Job Preparation Program.
  • You can enroll with in  our GATE/Job Preparation Program, with discounted/free coupon only if you finished this Technical Training Program successfully.

Learning Resources

You can watch videos related to your projects on following YouTube Channels;

You can also do topic wise search on YouTube and other websites.

To get the information on Govt. Policies/Regulations, Tender Documents, Empaneled Companies etc. you need to visit the respective ministry websites whichever is related to your field of interest. (The list below are the Central Ministry, If you looking somethin on state level

You can also do specialized search for related central, state and local agencies

Local Document Resources:    [List of Projects]        [Instructions]       [Project Basic]       [Project Type]          [TTP Lessons]


You can download and study reports, courses, e-books, and published documents from a well know publisher/agency only. Please do’t download or refer to someone’s [PPT] or [PDF], as just because its on internet, doesn’t mean that it is authentic.

Here are some links,

You can also search for your topic and get the information and documents needed.

–> NOTE: Use of earphone is recommended for audio sessions

  • These are the detailed audio sessions, specially recorded by the mentor for each projects;

  1. All Projects Information
  2. Product Based Projects- (Project No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 121, 124, 135)
  3. All Study Based Projects
  4. Process Based Projects- (Project No. 29, 74, 81, 82, 84, 87, 104, 116, 128A, 128B, 129, 134, 142, 147, 148, 149)            
  5. Project 141 
  6. Project 136,137,25
  7. Project 140
  8. Project (143,118,119)
  9. Project 145

If your project is not here, please wait for one day.

Please download the Smart Tasks here;

  • NOTE: Please look for the smart task as per your project number, if there NO specific smart task as per your project then download the smart task of your project type. For project number 151-165, you will receive a call from your mentor.
  1. SMART TASK 01 : –
    1. Project (25, 84, 87, 136, 137),
    2. Project (26, 51, 52, 53, 105, 106, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 139, 146),
    3. Project (150),
    4. Project (All Process Based),
    5. Project (All Product Based),
    6. Project (All Design Based),
    7. Project (All Study),
    8. Project (All Software)
  • Please watch this video before attempting the smart task


New Registration is OPENED Last Date : 21st Aug 2018


New Registration OPEN, Last Date: 21st Aug 2018

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