Management Internship-cum-Training Program


VARDHAN CONSULTING ENGINEERS (VCE), is a premium organization started and run by a group of Engineers for providing genuine engineering and design consultancy for power projects, construction projects and business development of new startup firms. We also provide quality technical and managerial training for young engineers and managers, and educational counseling and guidance services for students of all age group.

On the request of hundreds of final year and pass out students from management courses and other non-engineering courses, this year we started a very special program for students interested to work in managerial fields. The program is called “Management Internship-cum-Training Program” , in this program the students can get specific knowledge and the insights of various sectors and managerial fields. Our aim is to make them equipped with proper training, resources and guidance so that they won’t waste their time, money and energy in various activities which is not important for their career.

Please watch this video (INTRODUCTION VIDEO)   for introductory knowledge about this program (“M I T P”) and its benefits.

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Engineering Foundation Training Program


  • Open for any student of any course ( B.E. / B.Tech / BBA / MBA / B.A / B.Com / B.Sc).
  • The student should and must have interest to work in management positions.


  • Online Program


  • 8 Weeks ( 72 hours), High Level of Flexibility

Featured Methodology and Activity

  • Whole program consists of three modules, Understanding, Practicing and Focusing.
  • Online Based, Full Flexibility in case mid-sem test or event came.
  • No batch, No class only one-to-one interaction.

Training Process

  • After successful enrollment, we provide login credentials to the candidate. Where he can login and start leaning chapter wise resources of their choice. The mentor will explain in the orientation session,  about complete process.
  • After Successful completion of the program, the student will get a certificate and letter of recommendation.

Sectors and Fields

In this program, all the students needs to choose one sector and one field from the list below, as per their interest.

Please be noted, that choosing a particular sector and a particular managerial field does not mean that they can’t get the knowledge of others, by choosing one sector and field leads to train them how to work in that sector, and hence they can easily figure out whichever sector they start working.


  1. Insurance
  2. Banking
  3. Retail and FMCG
  4. Tourism and Hospitality
  5. Digital and Social Media
  6. Social Welfare
  7. Healthcare
  8. Education
  9. Franchising
  10. Management Consulting

Managerial Fields

  1. Marketing
  2. Business Development
  3. Sales
  4. Branding & Advertising
  5. Customer Relation and Support
  6. Human Resources
  7. Finance and Accounting
  8. Strategy and Research
  9. Operations
  10. Ethics, CSR and Governance

You need to select ONE sector and ONE field and then start this internship.

Benefits and Advantages

After successfully completion of the program, each and every trainee will have following benefits in hand;

  1. Knowledge and Understanding about different sectors and the managerial fields.
  2. Strong Foundation of managerial work through clear concepts and action plan.
  3. Lifetime Membership of VCE Digital Library.
  4. Digitally authenticated certificate and Recommendation Letter.
There are much more benefits and advantage of this program that the candidate will feel and understand once they are in our system.

After M I T P

Once the candidate successfully finished this program, he/she will be rewarded by some other guide courses or programs as per their interest. We maintain a 100% placement record in all our trainee, and hence we won’t leave them until and unless they achieve a proper positioning in their life. Positioning in terms of good job, higher studies, entrepreneurship etc.


  • There is NO fee for this program. Its absolutely FREE


  • There is NO stipend for this internship.
  • Out of the intern we will select few as, VCE INFLUENCERS where they can help our organization and get paid in return

The enrollment process is very simple. It can be done in only 3 steps;

  1. Fill the registration form and submit, (Registration Form)
  2. Once registration form is submitted, then wait for 48 hours, we will send you Enrollment Confirmation Mail, where we will send your’s login credentials.

Helpline: +91 979 111 2715 (WhatsApp Only), [email protected]