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Textbooks (e-books)

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Study Material Package

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Projects and Publications

In this section, the engineering students can find information related to project work (academic or non academic submission).

  1. Minor Projects
  2. Major Projects
  3. Research Projects
  4. Working Prototype Projects
  5. Robotics Projects
  6. Software Projects (MATLAB/ AutoCAD etc.)
  7. Report, Thesis, Dissertation

In this section, you can get the information about publications;

  1. Research Paper Publication in Journals.
  2. Article Publication in Magzines, Newspaper and Tech-Blogs.
  3. Book Publication.
  4. Paper/Poster Publication in Conference, Symposium etc

In this section, you can get the information about digital publications;

  1. Video Log, YouTube, Documentary.
  2. Social Media Posts.
  3. Technical Events and Blog.

Here you can get the information on Govt. Policies/Regulations, Tender Documents, Empaneled Companies etc. you need to visit the respective ministry websites

whichever is related to your field of interest. (The list below are the Central Ministry, If you looking something on state level

You can also do specialized search for related central, state and local agencies

Video Resources

You can watch videos related to your subjects on following YouTube Channels;

You can also do topic wise search on YouTube and other websites.


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