JOB & Placement Preparation Program

100% JOB Guarantee

VARDHAN CONSULTING ENGINEERS (VCE), is a premium organization started and run by a group of Engineers for providing genuine engineering and design consultancy for power projects, construction projects and business development of new startup firms. We also provide quality technical and managerial training for young engineers, and educational counseling and guidance services for students of all age group.

We understand that securing a good job in core sector is now a days very difficult, as most of the time the candidate are NOT able to defend their claim on techno-managerial knowledge and also they feel its very difficult to convince the companies about what they can do for them.

On the request of hundreds of students, this year we started a very special program for final year students. The program is called “Job & Placement Preparation Programs” , in this program the final year students get proper knowledge on preparation for placements and job, especially in core sector.

Please watch this video (INTRODUCTION VIDEO)   for introductory knowledge about this program (“J P P”) and its benefits.

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Helpline: +91 979 111 2715 (WhatsApp Only), [email protected]

Job & Placement Preparation Program


  • Only for Final Year and Pass out Engineering Students of ANY Branch.
  • The student should be interested and seeking for Job.


  • Online Program


  • 4 Weeks ( 48 hours), High Level of Flexibility

Featured Methodology and Activity

  • Whole program consists of three modules, Understanding, Practicing and Focusing.
  • Online Based, Full Flexibility in case mid-sem test or event came.
  • No batch, No class only one-to-one interaction.

Training Process

  • After successful enrollment, we provide login credentials to the candidate. Where he can login and start leaning chapter wise resources of their choice. The mentor will explain in the orientation session,  about complete process.

After J P P

Once the candidate successfully finished this program, he/she will be trained for Job interviews and placement process. They will be further guided and counsel for job application process in different companies.


  • The fee for this program is Rs. 900.00 (Rupees Nine Hundred Only), all inclusive.

100% Guaranteed Job Policy

  • VCE gives 100% job guarantee to all the students who finish this program.
  • If a student after successful completion of this program, didn’t get any job within 6 months. Then we will REFUND the program fee to the student.

How to Pay

  • We have multiple payment links and gateways for payment. Please contact us for more information.

The enrollment process is very simple. It can be done in only 3 steps;

  1. Fill the registration form and submit, (Registration Form)
  2. Once registration form is submitted, then wait for 48 hours, we will send you Enrollment Confirmation Mail. Where we will provide you the login credentials.

Helpline: +91 979 111 2715 (WhatsApp Only), [email protected]